Friend Problems · Life Problems · Love Problems

Busy and Late

Hey kids!
It’s been a while right? I forget.
So I’m going to be late for work and thought I’d utilise my time stuck on a dreary bus.
I’ve been busy… really busy. But it’s all just distraction.
I’ve had insomnia again. But I managed to sleep well Saturday night. Out like a log as they say.
I’m miserable again too. Which would explain the insomnia.
My friend is dating a C**T (I’m sure you’re smart enough to guess that word). And I’m falling for her brother. Fuck my life right? It’s like a never ending storm of drama and shit. He loves a girl who has a boyfriend.. so all the flirting is jokey and futile.
I had just (or so I thought) come to terms with the fact I’ll probably die alone. And then everyone decides to couple up and leave me on my own to dispaire.
Almost at work. I’d better go.

Forever Head In the Clouds x


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