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Bad Hot Chocolate and Memory Loss

Hey guys.
It’s 8:0 5am and I’m sitting in a Costa Coffee hiding from the absolute horror of the now winter cold.
I feel like a text book movie blogger.. it feels wrong on so many levels.

Now I may have exaggerated the bad Hot chocolate. I ordered a white one and got given a regular. But still! Where it the justice. You know me.. I won’t really complain. Just be silently outraged.

I’ve been thinking about Roy a lot lately. He hasn’t talked to me ..almost at all since I started my job. It’s been like three months. It makes me feel sad. I almost wish I could delete the memories as easily as computer files.
Every time he flickers across my mind it’s like a little stab to the heart.

I’m thinking about withdrawing from friend group activities. Not that I don’t like them any more. But my friends boyfriend is making it hard for me to laugh things off and I can’t deal with his shit anymore. And I don’t think it’s a good idea I see Joe for a while.
It really does suck when everyone you like likes someone else.

I had a joke to deal with it.
Me:”Yeah well I’m going to marry your brother hahaha”
Friend:”I’m okay with that”
The next line is meant to be
“Crush the dream my friend. Crush it”
But big mouthed tiny dick face had to ruin it with blunt and not even a little bit funny truth.
“Yeah well you can’t!  He’s going to marry his almost girlfriend bla bla!” With this big stupid grin on his face as if it was the best joke he ever came up with. Stupid asshole.

He can’t help but be a complete dick. And that’s why I hate him so much. I honestly can’t put up with him anymore.
So group withdrawal.
It will save me some money and I won’t have to put on the depressing happy face when I see him.
I’m not withdrawing from friends though. Just activities where he’s around.

On another note:
Anime film night tomorrow with my nerd friends Alex And Bryony.
It’ll be good. I haven’t watched Totoro in forever and I need to drink all my booze that I left at his house haha.
Better get to work I guess..

Forever wishing on stars x


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