My Weird Day

So today .. I guess yesterday. Was odd.
I woke up I ate and I sat quietly in extreme agony. Stomach ache. I had to go to work though. I’m sure I couldn’t digest the food I ate in the morning. Rice and chicken. It got so bad no actually grew up when I got into work. We’ll not into WORK but into town. I used the public bathroom.

I would have called in sick but .. the manager asked if I was going in on Monday and.. I was.. plus.. he’s kind of pretty so I really wanted to be there.
I was jotting stuff in my diary and the supervisor came in and then he came in too after a couple of minutes.

I’m a bit lost. I find it hard to tell if a person likes me or not just by social interaction. My interpretation of an encounter could be entirely different to the point of view of another person. And that worries me.

This is basically what happened:

I came into work early and the girl on shopfloor said that Assis-Manager was being really awkward and quiet
Then I went into the lunch room to double check my shifts and things and he came in and was like “HELLO ” really loud and super happy and enthusiastic sounding and kept looking at what I was writing into my date diary when he thought i wasnt looking at him and he kept looking at something lower than my face.. maybe my necklace but I can’t be sure…
As I was leaving he asked me if I’d put a bid on the bird foods and I said no because I wouldn’t really know what to do with the stuff considering we don’t have a proper garden.. I guess i could give it to my nan and grandad.

Supervisor goes “feed the tits”
Then the Assis-manager looked at her and goes “do you think hers are blue?.. because it’s cold” then he looked at me and I just nodded along like Yeah sure my tits are blue… “see ya in a bit” .

I’m not very good at interaction with people who are pretty and tall.

Anyway.. you may see my predicament I can’t tell if he’s genuinely flirting with me and I can’t return the flirt..
It doesn’t help I feel shitty about myself 99% of the time either.

Should I just give up.. pretend I don’t like anyone and just leave it unless he says anything to me? Or should I try and be more flirty and talk to him? I don’t how’s try know.

Forever a cowardly lion x


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