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Sunday and Obsessive

So I’ve been busy as Bee. She works at Costa and makes me hot chocolates.
It’s technically still Saturday but I’m obsessing over Fridays events. And I’ve had no one to talk to about them. I did try But I think no one wanted to listen to me. I ended up just sitting quietly in the corner at the pub…
Basically Thursday I had this genius plan to take a change of clothes to work so … let’s call him .. Carl. My manager. Would see me in people clothes rather than work ones.
He didn’t sign me out though so it was a wasted effort.

Then Friday I had a meeting. Basically 40 minutes of staring at that beautiful face. Apparently I’m doing really well and they want to teach me to do refunds and then if I do well with that maybe they’ll train me up to be a supervisor for when the current one leaves next year.
It sounds like an awesome opportunity.. it was a bit terrifying though. I don’t think I do well with responsibility.

Back to me having a massive crush. Carl asked me to do a Chalkboard for our christmas tree sales and it ended up kind of wonky which he made fun of- I could deal with it because I knew he was just teasing me but he seemed genuinely worried he’d offended me after my supervisor mentioned that I don’t seem to have much confidence about doing things I’m probably good at.

Then he stayed much longer than he usually does at work, until I had finished too. He’d taken his glasses off (the day after I joked I would steal them) and he brought a change of clothes to work.. it was so odd.
And I kind of face palm myself because he bought some stuff at the end of the day and he basically crammed his hands full of things and like a moron the only words that came to mind were “good thing you have big hands haha”
As if he wouldn’t have been able to just wedge half those things between his arm and body to carry them if he didn’t. 
I’m a fool. A damn fool!!
I hope he’s not there tomorrow.
I might die of shame.

Do you guys think I’m going over board here?
Do I need to just shut up and pretend I have no interest?
To stop boring my friends with moment by moment details of everything he does?…

I’ll assume the answer is yes.

Forever a total Blonde x


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