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Mid – week Blues

Hi there! Welcome.
How’s it hanging little buddie? You look lost.. what are you doing on this vacant post?
You’re that bored you want to listen to me complain?.. well okay then..

So hey.
You may know from my last post (if you’ve read it.. probably not) that I had a really good weekend. Carl was tall and pretty and flirty. Work was fast and easy..
Monday was good too even though there wasn’t really much that happened at work. I went and saw my friends afterwards and that was really fun. Me and my friends cute brother had some sit alone and be strange together time. I got some hugs and a grope or two (which was odd).
And then Tuesday rolled around and it was shit.
And today was shit.
And it all feels just.. shit.
I’m tired of being me again. I woke up happy this morning. All set to go to work. Happy as Larry and buzzed to see Carl.. and.. nothing. All I got was a “Hello…” as he walked off. I’m fairly sure he was staring at Natasha while he was on the phone for a few minutes .. then he spent an hour talking to her and setting up Christmas trees.
Then some old lady fell out in the car park. . Or.. something like that. They all had to go help so by the time my shift was over I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him.
I have a 6 hour shift tomorrow. I’m hoping it goes better than today.
I’ll have to put all my strength into pretending he doesn’t exist…

Forever in a bad daydream x

P.s. and Druggy is back in town. I went to get my nails done and got little reindeer. The bitch coppied me and now I’m angry about that too.


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