Life Problems

Charmed I’m Sure..

Friday – 3:31am
Gotta get down on Friday?

Good morning everyone.
I’m up early because I went to sleep at about 6pm yesterday. I was so tired. Hopefully I’ll be really awake by the time I get to work. And I’ll be in a good mood too.. I hope.
I’m not exactly in a bad mood I just wish I didn’t have to go and get money out for my bus at 6am.
It’s cold outside and I’d rather just stay in bed..

Carl was lovely yesterday. All the compliments. He’s a funny weirdo.
He’s peculiar. And he makes a lot more noise when I’m alone with him than when there is other people around.

I have another 6 hour shift today. I think I need to learn how to chill. Because I get so .. blah! when I don’t get the opportunity to do much. At least I’m on the back tills for the second half of my day and then off to the pub!
I blog again later.. probably not
Off to get ready!

Forever showering obsessively x


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