Life Problems

Friday and Fraudulent

Hey guys. I feel crappy so I’ll skip the pleasantries…

It’s raining. And I’m sitting outside costa coffee across from work.
I haven’t glimpsed his tall dark and handsomeness yet. He might not be in.. what will I do then?..
I’ll not be a little sissy school girl fuck tard I suppose.

The dog needs to go vet. I’ll deal with that internal horror when I’m feeling better.. maybe… probably not.

I want to run and hide and just sit under a bridge somewhere. Take a tip from fairytale trolls and such.
We’ll. . I have an hour to kill.

I think I saw the back of Carl. Yay?! .. but it’s not difinitive enough from this far away… #stalkingAtItsFinest

I better go. I’ll do some shopping for an hour then spend and hour sitting upstairs at work.

Forever Drinking Latte x


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