Life Problems

Diary of a Drunk-Jay

Hey bananas,
I apologise is my spelling is worse than usual and there’s a lack of sense or .. real words.
I’m sort of pissed right now

It’s been the best day. I had no work. I slept twelve hours and I spent exactly an hour at home awake ALL DAY. So I got up at 10:30ish and my friend invited me out to lunch with her mum. It was nice but I didn’t know what to say much. I’ve never been good with adults. Which is amusing considering I am one.. apparently.

Any way it turns out it was a good thing I told my co-work about my little stalkerism. I actually have an objective person to talk about him with. Someone who’s not too crazy that thinks the same as me. And actually witnesses his actions and things he says.

Nat -“yeah. I can entirely see what you mean… I think if you knew him outside of work he’d be an awesome dude, and that’s why like you said you kind of need to cut him some slack… My main problem is that my ex had this notion that I’d cheat on him with ‘one of the managers’ (PUKE) an so i wasn’t allowed to talk to him, and he said a load of stuff about Carl that i don’t know if it’s true or just phsyco-spouted bullshit…”

Jay – “Ah yeah it’s always questionable from those sources…
He has to be kind of a hard ass at work anyway because there isn’t really anything that Adian does so he’s basically acting as Boss. Can’t just let all the rebels sit around twiddling their thumbs for hours”

And then she called me whipped and i just went with it. she’s basically my inside spy. She can tell me things that happen while I have days off and so on and so forth.

And then (back to my day) I got home and litrally half an hour later my other friends wanted to see me. So here I am. At their apartment, drinking järger and watching anime..
It’s been a long while since I’ve had such a good day.

Forever appreciating the little things x


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