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New friends and Star wars

So. I was leaving work today.
And my Nat (my co-worker/new found bestie) shuffles towards me and says that I’m seeing star wars with her.
So I was confused by this and she then explained to me that one of her friends had given her my friends phone number and they’d been chatting away.
The reason that she had his phone number was so she could apologise for the drunken talk she had with ME about my friend Key’s penis..basically. (which only occurred because of me asking Key to talk about Nat’s boobs just so I could be correct with proof).
So they are basically going on a date to watch star was but meeting for the first time, and she doesn’t want it to be awkward so automatically is forcing me to go with her.

I’m okay with this.
She’s going to be inducted into the group so damn fast. They going bang.
They going to get together and she’ll be stuck with me forever and ever and ever. It will be glorious.

Side note: I love how she can put up with me talking about our manager so much. It’s like I’ve been friends with her way longer than I really have. I like how she replies perfectly to most things that I say.
So I have called dibs.

Forever having quality bitches x


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