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Almost Arguing With Myself

Yup. At it again. They have this new coffee thingy blender and it tastes.. Um. . Odd very roasted. It’s nice but also not at the same time. She was so excited about it though so I just agreed.

Anyway onto the point I wanted to talk about. Carl. He’s been at work everyday this week that I’ve been in. I love it!
It’s like Heaven on earth and I work there. And get money and stuff.

So I didn’t get to talk to him much today but a little bit when I was leaving.
He was in the warehouse when I asked for sign out and he couldn’t see me so he said “who’s that?” And I said “it’s me…..Jay” but he didn’t hear me say the last part so when he came around to see who it was he decided to argue with me that he was ‘me’ and I’m ‘you’ and so I tried to argue that I’m ‘me’… and he was ‘him’ and’ you’…
Then I got tired because I’m just so ill and I really wanted to go home and die quietly and I just said “stop it, I’ll cough on you”.. because I’m weird.
And when he was finally done arguing with me about who Me was. He asked if me and Nat lez’d it up in the cinema(oh yeah we went to watch star wars. It was awesome.. she’s the weirdest person that i know.. and thats saying something). And then I said “yes. Of course. I totally got some.”

So it’s been an okay day despite my lack of brain cells and enthusiasm.

Day off tomorrow.. here’s hoping I survive.

Forever Dosed With Drugs x


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