Life Problems

Destressed and Depressed

Hey guys.
So last week was awesome. It was full of fun and people and brave acts.

But yesterday was turd and it made me feel bad and think bad thoughts and just.. generally want to hide and cry in the dark.
The whole of this morning I was absently almost bursting into tears. And I don’t even know why. I have nothing to be sad about… not at all. I have work, I get to see Carl. He’s nice to me. I had new friend time with Nat and I’ve been fairly extatic…

But maybe that’s the reason in its self.
I’m never happy for long and mounts of time.
And this cold/flu I’ve had for the past week is tiring me out emensly.

I just hope it’s over soon..

On a brighter note. My weeks holiday  has been cancelled!
You may be thinking that’s a bad hinges but I didn’t want the holiday at all.
Slightly disappointed when I was told Carls Holiday is that week so I won’t see him at all but.. it won’t be so bad.
Even if I had wanted that holiday. I would have given it up the instant he asked… god I’m such a doormat.

Well night guys.
Here’s hoping tomorrow is brighter.


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