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Daydreams of Sweet things

So it’s only 8:25pm but I’ve been in bed since 5 when I got home.

I don’t feel good. Sick and my shoulder is making it impossible to get comfy. I can’t lay on it because it feels like it’s cracking or snapping or something and I can’t not lay kind of on it other it aches imensly.
Send latte.

I have work in the afternoon.
I’ll go in even if I’m ‘ill’.
I need some better days to over shadow the last few crappy ones.

Anyway. For the last. 3 hours I’ve been in bed and for what I’ve been comfortable of it, I have been day dreaming of many things. Mostly tall people. Who are pretty and I’d bet (/hope) lovely and gentle to someone that’s not well. Or someone that they get alone in a warehouse..

Ah I’m a terrible person. All the awkward fantasies from my stalkerism.

Speaking of stalkerism, I don’t think I have aN overlapping shift with Nat at work for another two weeks. That alone makes me feel sad.

Forever holding in the vomit x

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