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I’ve changed so much.
And I didn’t even realise.

So I just read this post from back in 2014.

Oh So Important Introductions –

It’s me. It screams of all the horrifying things that hurt my feelings back then.
But it proves that I was so so right. (I always am don’t you know)
I just wish I had saved myself that wasted year. It is so obvious now. That I knew. And just refused to give up that sweet voice of hope that lied to me every day. I missed Roy so much. But I guess that’s what happens when you make a person your whole world. Weather you’ve met them or not.

It makes me want to do better with my new years resolution.
Still only one brave act! Number two will happen tomorrow. And I will do better this year then I did the last. Even if it’s just by a smidgen.
I will expect nothing from anyone because it’s easier and it hurts less when they do something wrong.

Forever remembering the wrongs x


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