Life Problems

Wasabi Peas and Pom-Bears

Hey guys.
It’s Monday.  I quite like Mondays I’ve decided.
And I have eaten exactly no meat all day! I’ve had pretend mince, pizza and, You guessed it, wasabi Peas and pom bears.
Also rose lemonade. Which by the way is actually delicious.

On to my day!
Which started watching how I met your mother in bed until I had to get up for work at 11, to leave at 12:15 to be there at 1:25, to sit in the break room and hope that Carl would come in and talk to me. Which he did! Asking me if I would date someone called George if I “had an aversion to the name” or not.
I don’t but I was dying inside to suggest that Carl is a much more atractive name.
Anyway I said I didn’t and then he asked if I would date them again. So I said I would have to grope them first. Carl: “That would be sexual harassment. …”
Me: “Well obviously I would ask first..”
Carl: “what if they thought you were serious though”
Me: “then I would run away and you can explain it to them..”
This whole conversation makes a lot more sense when I find out later that Nat – my Co worker. Has lost her name tag and not been wearing one for a while and he found one to give to her in the mean time.

I’m very close to flirting with him just to make him uncomfortable and stop calling me a lesbian.

Flirting suggestions anyone?
I’m taking in rose lemonade tomorrow for them both so I hope they enjoy that.

Forever hoping for the best x


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