Life Problems

Brave Acts #2

Hello welcome.
Don’t forget to keep up your resolutions!
You can do it! Run that extra mile! Eat that giant cake! Kiss that random stranger!

So my fake pep is turned up way too high today.
I’m in Costa. Yummy yummy caramel cappachino.
I’m dead tired though and I don’t even know why.
I had a really early shoft this morning.. well.. I say really early. 8-11:30 and I had to leave at 7..
I shouldn’t complain though Carl was in work from 6:?? Something. I think it was closer to 7 but I don’t remember specifically.

Speaking of who. I have done a brave thing today.. kind of.. not really… I left him and Nat a Rose Lemonade.
He’ll hate it, she’ll love it. All will be right with the world.
It tastes like lemonade that someone accidentally poured perfume into. But.. nice… kind of.

Third act of bravery is to.. maybe order a Chai tea or coffee or what ever it is I don’t remember but it sounded good.

I better go, text messages to reply to.

Forever suiting up x


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