Life Problems

Sunday Stupidity and Continued Drama

Hey guys!
It’s late ish.  I’m tired. But I’m not …sleep tired yet.

So let’s start with the drama.
It’s continuing at work. It will probably go on for a while. So I was asked some stuff about Nat’s ex and at the time I didn’t really know anything. Then I left and asked her about it and.. the guy is a total phycopath. I’ll try not to go into too much detail but. He’s off his rocker.
I’m convinced he was conceived anally because he’s the biggest asshole I know.
Anyway after she confirmed an event to me I told our supervisor it was true and they had a long.. long.. after hours meeting about it with her yesterday. I wish I could know a blow by blow detailed summery of the conversation in that room… because I’m a nosey bitch sometimes but yeah.
Im glad she told them some of the stuff that had been going on. They can keep a closer eye on her and the dickhole.
I real want to beat him to within an inch of his life and then leave him for a few hours before I start all over again. ..
If I sound angry it’s because I am.

On the plus side to this event at least Nat sees that Carl is genuinely a nice human person. Don’t you just love when someone else finally see ‘s the little light spark in someone you want to get naked with?

And on to Sunday.
I was so bored today. I woke up.. I got back into bed… I washed my face.. got back into bed… watched how I met your mother.. got Brought McDonald’s and spent three hours in the bath.. three. Hours.
And then I texted Nat a lot when she finished work.. like.. how dare she go to work and leave me by myself.. god. So inconsiderate.
Sorry I’m making less sense. I shall go.

Night all x


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