Friend Problems


I’ve got this tiny complex I guess.
Of wanting to join the conversation but not really knowing what to say so I just interject whatever I can think of.

So my friends were looking at our other friends blog to find out the mystery of why he was a big jerk. And low and behold. He’s a tit…. as am I.

So it slipped out that I have a blog and I ended up showing a couple of my friends. I think it hurt their feelings – I forgot about saying I was pretending to be happy the last time I was at the pub.
But it was the truth. It wasn’t because I wasn’t happy seeing her or her boyfriend I just.. wasn’t happy. There isn’t really much anyone can do about it when I feel hollow like that and really I wouldn’t want to make them sad and feel bad by telling them. Besides sometimes it does cheer me up to see them. It was just an occasion that unfortunately .. their lovey doveyness was really unhelpful.

Tomorrow is Anime night though maybe so the guys can give me some tips on making it up to her.. I don’t know what I’m doing any more.

I have an early shift tomorrow. I should go to bed but I’m really not tired.. well.. I’m tired but I’m not tired. I’m tired of life. I’m tired of drama. I’m tired of being alone and I’m tired of being this way.
But I’m not tired enough to sleep.

Better try though
Good night y’all x


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