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Mango and Madness

Hey guys so long story of today and I may need to explain  a few things within this post… I’ll try my best to make it make sense but.. you know I like to ramble.
So I’ve done two brave things today. Stupid. Utterly utterly stupid. But still brave.

Okay let’s get this right.
So I get to work 40 minutes early. I bought a pack of baked mango (oh my gosh i love it) and a redbull and headed upstairs to sit in the staff room.

Side note #1: yesterday Nat dared me to call Carl my bitch. Basically I was contemplating what I could write on the lemonade labels I’ll be leaving at work for them. And it just kind of popped up as a joke.
“Carl –
Because you’re my bitch #1
(And yes I’ve changed How I spell my name, I like it more this way)
And she basically said I should “totes do it”

.. well I thought she set me up because he came in upstairs and said “oh Nat told me, you wanted to tell me something”.
So the first thought to my head was just “That you’re my bitch?..”
And he just kind of stared at me for a little while. And then said “I’m no one’s bitch… if anyone’s anyone’s bitch around here you are mine. I mention extra hours and you’re there like ‘ill do it!’ ”

Side note #2: remember i cancelled my holiday because he asked me to work instead.

So I started to give leway because I was obviously going to lose his argument.. Jae: “….. mutual bitches then?”

Carl: “no. You’re my bitch..”
And he started leaving so I decided to try and help myself out.

Jae: “Well Nat’s my bitch too? So you’re bitch #1 and she’s bitch #A…?”

Carl: “…no”
And then he left and returned a couple of minutes later for a drink  and said it was out of context to what Nat was talking about with him because he expected her to say “that if she was bisexual you would choose me”. Safe to say I almost shat a brick wondering if she’d told him/implied I wanted to bang him..then he went on while i was panicing to say the ‘you’re my bitch’ thing made no sense and I just said it was the only thing I could think of that I would need to tell him…so off he went to work with his coffee.

I didn’t twig till later on that she meant the naked dancing with her friends while they watched fifty shades of grey.

So when I was signing out at the end of the day….

I got a red light.(which means we have to have our bags checked) And Carl was waiting to check my bag. So I was just attempting to blert out the information. It took me a few tries to say the words correctly but I got there… “oh by the way. You were right. Or I was wrong… it wasn’t the you’re my bitch thing”

Then he looks in my bag and goes “ARE THOSE WORTHERS ORIGINALS”

Jae: “0.o yes… They’re the best”

Carl:”can I have one?…  I mean.. please”

Jae: “Uh. . Sure ” *hands over the candy* (I feel like he was just trying to prove I’m his bitch because I would give him a sweet but.. I don’t care he’s adorable)

Carl: while unwraping said candies “So what was it about then?”

Jae: “oh… Well Basically… she’s a bigger lesbian than I am. Because she was dancing naked with two of her female friends the other day..”
At which point his eyes got all wide and awkwardly suprise looking haha

Carl:” And she’s embarrassed and didn’t want me to know? The door is open by the way.”

Jae: “pretty much” So I started leaving and before i closed the door

Carl: “…. why the hell were they dancing naked together?…”

Jae: “I don’t know… they were watching fifty shades of grey together though”

Carl: “Well… I was going to put the lesbian talk on the back burner but now I’m going to have to have talks about this with her. Deb is going to LOVE this (imagine this said in the most evil and chuckling tone)”

Jae: “haha oh god. See ya!”
And then I left like swoosh. To go and have a panic attack in the ally way. I’m really not very good at talking to him.

It wasn’t too bad of a day really.. x


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