Life Problems

Caramel Latte and Braid Karma

Hey guys.
I’m tired. It’s been a long day and it’s only even 12pm.

My bus must have left early today because I missed it even though I was at the stop LONG before I was meant to be. I was there for 7 and it was meant to leave at 10 past. So.. fuck you bus driver. Thanks for nothing. I had to get my mother to drive me in and.. she was actually not a total bitch for once in her life (sorry today has been shit so I’m going to swear all I like). She just did it and then talked about her crap that’s a load of doody.
I sat and I cleaned and I’m tired and my arm hurts and I haven’t eaten (yet. I’m stowing a sandwich right now). And Carl is gone for the week. And people have been asking me shit that I have no real answer to.
“Do you have this in pink?”
“Is there none on the shelf that you go it from?”
“No…why else would I be asking?”
*because you’re a cunt*
“Um well the only thing I can do Is ask someone to check out the back for you..but I think they just went on break… if you go down to the help desk they can have a look or call someone for you…”
This is the point where I tell you it was a perfectly innocent 12 year old. Yeah I’m a bitch.
But seriously. My arm hurts. Like. A lot and my brain has given up.
And bless her. Nat is sick.
So.. I have to go back to work in an hour and.. a half ish. To cover her shift.
Which I don’t really mind.
I guess I’m just in a shitty mood. From the day dreams I was having earlier.
A whole week.. it’s going to be hell ish.
Especially when I only have the one over lapping shift with Nat. On.. Thursday I think. That means I’ve got to spend the day with some… very less fun people.

Plus. And yes I’m ranting. I swear the guy on shop floor is ignoring me or just doesn’t want to talk to me or hates me or something. He’s hardly looked at me and I’ve been trying to be friendly. I don’t know. I’m probably just going paranoid.


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