Life Problems

So.. My Day Was Utter Utter Shit

Hey there.
Take off that hat. Set aside your jacket and scoot closer to the fire.
Because it’s fucking freezing out there you ass munch.

So I had a long day at work.
Carl is on holiday so we have a replacement manager and … he’s just so annoying. But also so not annoying.
I miss Carl. A lot. He’s so tall and pretty.  And his replacement is half his hight, with terrible blood flow to his nose and face. It’s like he’s wearing a nose of white fleshy plastercein. It’s weird and desturbing.

I spent the first half of my 6 hour shift sitting at the tills and listening to Mr Munchkin talk to his buddies on the shop desk phone. “Hey yeah. Hey mate. How you doing mate. Yeah mate. HA..Ha..Ahaha. … ha..HA. yeah mate. I saw that on facebook mate. Lush though mate. Yeah? Yeah hahaha…yeah mate… well okay mate. See ya mate. Lush”
Then repeat with some woman named Tracy. And a guy named James.
“Yeah mate HAHA”
From what I gather Tommy wasn’t going on the trip but that meant Mr Munchkin and James were getting a lift with Tracy at 7:30.

For fuck sake.
What a waste of time. I want to punch him in his short little face.

The second half of my 6 hour shift was spent being attacked. Girl on shop floor.. and I’d like to say this first before I really rip into her. I don’t think she meant any real harm I’m just a total wuss and it was already a shitty day.
She was pulling my hair, giving my Chinese burns, hitting me up side the head.
I did nothing in return. I just couldn’t deal with today’s shit. Once all that fun subsided I was re-arranging the drinks and a can of fucking monster energy decided to just puncture and explode all over me and the floor.
Thankfully and I hate to say this. Nat’s ex was near by and he just took it straight off me and wrapped tissues around it etc. To stop it going everywhere.

Then the abuse continued and I finally got to leave. It was not a good day. I missed my bus at 2:30 and I had to sit in the rain for an hour..
I’ll be home soon.
Where I can die quietly.


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