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Chuckle, Berry and Gin

Hey munch bunch!
Take a seat in a lettuce leaf and we’ll get down to business.

FYI – a lady that smells like she pissed herself ten days ago tried to sit next to me. So I moved seats. I’m not putting up with that shit.

Point #2 – Carl will be back in a few days. So the hell is almost over. Thank jebus and the mighty lord Satan (I kid).

Now. I had a good day. Kind of. It was an hour of latte and cappachino with Nat before work and then the store was basically dead so the guy on shop floor showed me how to use all the stuff on the computers.

Which was really helpful. Now I won’t be so stuck and need other people’s help so much if I’m mulling around or put on shop floor.

It was the good kind of dead.

Forever living to see another day x

P.s – I’ve started a whole other blog. Just for my writing. So you’ll find some stories on there. They will be terrible and mushy and have bad spelling but check them out if you want. AND! it’s all bullshit and fiction. Possibly classed as Sifi but who really knows these days.
Take a gander if you want.


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