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Early Mornings, Midday Naps And Accidental Likes

S’up tosh blobs?
I’m a cat. Meow.
So ..Hi der.

I miss Carl so much!. He’s back on Monday though! I high tide look foward to it. I’m going to have to contain the happiness.
As for my valantines dare. I’ve decided I am just going to write him a normal card.

💙Happy V-day Bitch #1💙
I talked to coworkers about it and.. I decided they took it a bit too far. So I’m just going to own that shit. …or chicken out. Who knows.

I went to the pub yesterday evening.
Friday is pub night after all.
And it was dull at first
But nice I hadn’t seen katie for a while.
And naturally as the night picked up I posted on the Facebook about my current location and a few random friend selfies.
I checked my messages and I had a notification that Carl had liked one of my pictures. I took a screen shot and then BOOM. It disappeared. Obviously an accident. But he must have been actually looking through my content in order to like just the one. And that make me so so happy. Since he’s been gone for a week and all.
I was so drunk I ALMOST didn’t have he sense to not message him on there and complain about Mr Munchkin. The stand in manager.
God he pisses me off.

I had a super early shift today and .. found out some deviating news. That bastard is leaving us on and off for 6-8 WEEKS. So basically I’ll hardly see him. And he’ll probably be gone forever and I just hate it all. Grr.
At least I have Nat… And Sheila and Jan.
I went to bed when I got home. And I only woke up an hour ish ago. Madness..

Off to find food.
Wish me luck.


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