Life Problems

Black Dye and the Stench of Failure

I own a bright orange jumper.

Oh well I figured we get right into things this time, rather than wast moments on a welcoming?
Well I’m sorry I didn’t realise it was so rude.
Hello, would you like some tea?
Okay good.

So I own an orange jumper. It’s far far too bright. So I bought dye (black) to colour over it.
It is not working. It’s a huge disappointment. I’ll just have to round up some bleach ruined leggings to re-dye so it’s not a total waste.

So.. the last couple of days I’ve been stewing and hyperly paranoid that I stink. I don’t know why. I probably smell avaragely bad for me.
I don’t like it though..
It’s hard to concentrate on things though and I’ve been doing a really bad job at work lately. Or at least it feels like it.
I just want to die in a hole or something for a little while. Mend myself mentally.

Speaking of mental. Carls in today. I don’t have to be in work until 2pm though. That gives me more than enough time to be depressed about the fact I stand no chance.

Yeah I don’t feel too great right now. My shoulder hurts so much. I almost want to chop it off.


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