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Monday marlificents and Weekend Water Torture

Take a seat.
No not there.

Jesus christ why would you sit over THERE?!

..I think that’s where the dog pee’d last week..

Well… if you want to risk it.

A few things to note as per usual.
#1: I’m sitting on wet and muddy paw prints that are INSIDE my bed. It’s a great feeling.
#2: my orange sweater has officially become my night gown.
#3: I’ve done both too much. And too little since I last posted.
#4: I have 2% battery and my changer cable isn’t very long. This could be tricky.

So where did we leave it.
Ah yes Saturday . Saturday .
I hated Saturday . I went with Joey and Katie and weird new girl. And it was so awkward for me. My arm hurt and Katie made it sound like i was going to drop to the floor or something.
It just sucked. The whole day I was following them around basically didn’t know what to say and being an annoying drag along. Or.. thats how it felt anyway.
So that happened. At least i got a support thingy dor my arm. It actually seems to be helping for the most part.

Then I got called into work early on Sunday, where Carl was super depressed looking. Hardly smiled. He just oozed fake smiley jokes and barely even acknowledged my existence. He did however do funny little motions of attack when I told him not to assault anyone with the wiper blade I handed him.

Then monday. I basically stayed in bed. Watched death note. And ate so. Fucking. Much. Food.
My stomach still hurts from the super hot pot noodle. And it just makes me feel like eating more will fix the pains but it does not.

Today was okay. I say okay because I’m sure I’m still mentally handicapped from the events of the last week.
I’m tired and I feel shitty still. Plus Katie hs my books that I bought on Saturday. God damn it. And none of the things I ordered have arrived yet….
But at least my hair is blonde. .ish. again.

Anywho back to today. It was good. Long 6 hours. And I didn’t really sleep well. So many refunds. And so little time staring at Carl. Damn he’s pretty.
And I had a full 3 hours in which to pester Nat while we worked and plot to buy the boss a gold bikini. Which 98% of my brain thinks we should totes do.
He seemed happier today. Smiled and sounded extra chipper when he said hi and was talking to me while he was meant to be having a meeting. And shouted Bye after me when I left the room without conversing the fact I was going.
Yeah. Today wasn’t so bad.

Forever annoying my lesbian x


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