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Day dreams and Dream Dreams

Hey guys.
I just wanted to post before I drop off to bed.
I’ve had a couple of dreams recently and they have been weird as hell. And all mostly centered around work or Carl.

The first I regret to have to say was a sex dream that did not go to plan.. as many of my dreams do not. And ended up with me apparently pooping everywhere and him exclaiming loudly that I had indeed “shit all over the place”

Let us push that thought to the very back of the closet where it will never….ever be found again. Thank you.

Last night’s dream. Was just odd.
I was in my old house. Except that it wasn’t my old house. It was a huge inside sort of town type place. With streets and house front doors. And I was longing for a place to buy. But I decided I didn’t like this one apartment because the back room and kitchen was like a common dinning room to other apartments. Anyone could just wander in when ever they wanted.
Dream skips foward.
I’m at work with some people and it’s the end of the day and me and some other co-workers including Carl are all really tired because .. i’d don’t know. The day must have been busy. We go out into this sort of garage area and Carl announces he’s got a new car. And for some reason we all end up drinking and talking and I end up sitting right next to him perfect place for staring.
Flash foward again.
I’m walking through the hall/street and I come across that place I didn’t want to buy and the door is open so I just wander in out of curiosity.
It’s a total mess and it’s all piled with mens clothes and shoes and papers and then as I get further towards that room that’s a common area the belongings become less and less. Like the person that lives there has tried to keep everything as far from that room as possible.
And suddenly there’s this girl. In a sort of hotel maid type outfit like she’s cleaning stuff in the common area.
She’s got long brown hair and she’s really pretty with green eyes.
I apologise and leave the way I came in. And as I’m heading down the hall again I bump into Carl. We’ll not bump into. I more sort of see him and decide to follow him and so I turn around and … he lives in the house I didn’t buy.
All that mess really doesn’t seem like him.

I can’t really remember the rest constructively. I know I went to a party with my friends and he was there. I know I ended up confused when a till wiped information off a sale.
And that’s about it.

Forever dreaming weird shit x


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