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Brave Acts #3. Happy 14th

Hey kids!

I’m in a stumble of idiocy.
My next brave act of the year was to complete the dare Katie gave to me.

I gave Carl the card. It was a drawing I did of him as a panda. And I regret spell heckling valentines day on my phone because I spelt it ‘valanlines” …yeah I also forgot to cross off the fucking T didn’t I… I’m such a massive nob. … that’d what I get for doing it at 2 am while I was half drunk though I guess..

Ugh. Kill me. Please.
I left it in the staff room on Saturday. He was busy arguing with the two girls on shop floor. So I just kinda left it and ran away..
And tomorrow I have a 6 hour shift I have to live through. I really hope he’s not in.

I don’t know what I’m meant to do about it. Tell him it was a dare and weasel out of it. Pretend I did it just so he would stop calling me a lesbian, because he would feel left out having heard nat and i gave eachother cards…. or just deny responsibility until I’m laying in my grave…

Maybe I should quit.
Bury myself and have it all over with.
Who wants to go to work for me?


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