Life Problems · Love Problems

Swallowing Stress

Hey kids.
Jesus christ it’s cold.
How you doing tonight?

I just got off a double shift.
It was a good day…the first half of it anyways.

I think it’s just me that’s being weird with Carl.
I’m not very good at talking. As I explained in my last post.
So I’ve just been claming up.
He said hi, I said Hi. He waved. I waved.
And when I signed out (the first time, gotta live those split shifts) he was nice and smiling and waited for me so I could leave and said ‘see you soon’..

Then I spent a glorious 3 hours sexually harassing Nat in costa coffee.
It was good. I like spending time with her more than I like spending time with the others at the moment. I’m not going to the pub on Friday. I don’t want to and I owe my mother £15.
And I’m going to a massive lesbian gathering on Saturday.  I just really hope work is quiet the next day. ..

Then I went back to work and I guess Carls kind of gone for a while. He’s helping out somewhere else for 6-8 weeks. Leaving us with a douchbanana of epic proportions.  It’s been half a day and I already want to punch him in the ball sack. …or alternatively message Carl and beg him not to leave us with it.
I won’t.  I’m a coward.

Anyway. It’s raining. And I have to get off the bus. So.
Wish me luck.
Good evening x

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