Life Problems

Bed, Bath and OCD

Hello gentle viewers.
Take a seat by the warm.. fire.
I shall tell you a tail. .

Fuck it.
So today was boring. But it went by suprisingly quickly.
Probably because I spent the first hour and a half of my shifts sorting our store reduced section. It was magically satisfying… until I saw customers touching it and then I was just annoyed with them.
Also I got a “customer comment” but wasn’t told what it was. The supervisor was laughing at whatever it was.. it unnerved me.
No Carl. But its going to be like that for a while. There was no Douchebanana either though so. Winning?

I do have a mad-ish idea though.
To power house myself for the next 6 weeks so I’ll be slightly less icky when Carl returns. A lot can change in 6 weeks. .
I probably can’t though.

What else happened today… not much really.

Check ya later x


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