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Les-be-honest party

Hey guys
I haven’t posted a couple of days because I went to the lesbian gathering and then work and then slept and then work… and soon I will sleep again.

So it was good. It was fun. It was way different than going to the pub.
It was like how crazy teens are meant to drink and have fun.
I saw two pairs of boobs. Was humped. Group hugged. Used as a chair, listened to group adventures to the toilet which involved someone peeing in the sink more than once. .and revealed horrifying information about myself and this I own.
I’m secretly hoping no one remembers because to be fair.. they were mostly pretty drunk.

We played cards against humanity. Pictionary, guess the answer…

One of the girls had brought their husband and when she passed out me and him attempted to carry her down the stairs.. her arms and legs and head must really be hurting. She then vomited in the hall while she was still unconscious.
So they ended up staying the night at Nat’s house too. Spending a good 3-4 hours hanging over a toilet bowl.

Another vomited all over the drive way at about 2:30 am.

So all in all. It was great. Her friends are awesome. Had there been less vomit I would have thought the night was perfect.

I did however drop my hair clip down the side of her bed and forgot untill just now..

Gotta get off the bus.
Catch you later drunkards.

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