Life Problems · Love Problems

Flash Magic Eraser (love you)

Hey kids.
I’m on sunset sadness.
Let’s all just jump back into that hole of darkness I crawled out from.

Though I do feel like I’ve filled the hole in some what so it’s not as deep as it was the last time.

I have given up. On the two. I’ve decided Joe is a dickhole and the other.. well is just a hopeless case. I shall tell myself he’s a jerk untill I start to believe it.
I’m just so done with worrying about this crap.

On another note


I got a microphone!
A stand, a pop filter. I got all the magical equipment. But I didn’t realise until I tried to use it that I need an outsource power supply. So. I have to wait for the power outlet and mic to outlet cable to arrive before I can actually use it. Yay…
Well at least I’m a lot closer than I thought I would be to doing SOMETHING.
Next pay day I might order a fancy Blue acoustic guitar I found that’s £44. Then all I gotta do is.. like.. learn more than the three chords I currently know.

But for now.. I shall go to work. Fail a pestersides test and then jump infront of the nearest bus.

Have a great day x


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