Life Problems · Love Problems

Underground and Unhappy

I’ve had a bad day.
It wasn’t bad in its self.
I’ve just not felt great. It’s one of those days where I want to curl up in bed and wake up to be someone else.
The kind where everything positive makes me upset. Not directly. It’s just how my head works…
I want to do so many things but by the time I can, I don’t want to anymore.
I would like to sleep.
To not like anyone.
To stop existing for a couple of days.

I hate liking people that will never like me back.
I hate not liking people that like me.
I just want life to be simple. Easy. A breeze.
Hey I like you. Let’s do things together.

I want to drive around in a convertible at night where there’s no houses or highways. so I can see all the stars and clouds and just listen to my terrible music.

I want the curl up in bed for days and days. To just be warm and sad and Just sleep and forget I ever had any problems.

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