Life Problems

Week 2.5

It is  week 3 of Carls unfortunate decision to “help”😤.. at another store and I have to say I’m .. unhappy.

I miss his adorable face.
Though the adorable face of my Co worker is tieing my over. Plus dem titties.

Okay so let’s never talk like that on here ever again.
So. Yeah. I’m tired and sad but I’m warm. So there is that.
I’m going into work tomorrow. Carl will be there and yes it’s kind of stalking but I probably won’t even see him. So there is that.
I shall get a Costa and rummage for supplies that I need from work.
Eye up a trellis and maybe buy some paint. Who knows.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

But as of this current moment I’m being messaged about my friends boyfriends friend. Who. Let’s just say is a shitty type of person and I’ve had enough of the drama.
So I’m going to bed. And ignoring it.
Night x


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