Life Problems

Stalker Status

I knew it was a bad idea.
It’s odd. I woke up and I got ready and I felt happy and stuff. Not even because of the very narrow possibility that I would see Carl for the first time this week. The only time this week.

I was going to see Nat for a bit and Katie was coming with me and it was all good.
Then I was ready and I got a text
“Don’t hate me but.. i’m still in bed and I’m hung over and I’m not coming”

I should have decided it was all ready ruined at that stage. I only had 20 minutes till the bus though and so I was like “Fuck it I’ll go anyway, at least I’ll still get to see Nat”

So off I went. And it wasn’t so bad. By the time I got to where I was going Katie had decided that she could make the next bus (she didn’t she ended up driving in) and me and Nat went into work to do some questionable shopping…
Basically we did a quick scope out of what we needed and then went to pay go to the checkout and boom Carl. So we kind turned down an aisle and headed for the other end to avoid him. The look on his face when he saw me there made me feel so guilty and bad. It basically screamed “oh jesus christ”
Then we couldn’t go to the checkout at the front because we’d stopped to look at the knitting stuff and he’d ambled off up there too.
So eventually when it was safe. We paid and then I had to wait for Katie so I left because
Let’s face it. I don’t really wanna stick around a place where someone I like looks at me like they wish I was on fire. Or less dramatically not there.

So. I’m going back to current plan A.
He’s a dick
He’s a dick
He’s a dick
He’s a utter utter twat.

I’m hoping if I tell myself it enough I’ll believe it.

For now I’m in bed and warm so there is that.


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