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Saturday Party

Hey blog o-sphere
So I’m doing two posts in the same hour.. or day.. or how ever long it takes to write them.

I was meant to be going to Bournemouth with a group of people from work but everyone decided they would be no fun and to cancel.

So there I was at Nat’s house ready for drinking. The drinking had already begun. And then “yeah its cancelled”
So we decided we would be fun and actually just go anyway.
We walked to the bus stop. Some random guy walked ylby and Nat decided he was called zoe.

We talked about weird things on the buss and then when we finally got to Bournemouth we went past sprinkles and it was still open (who knew it was open till 11pm?!) . So I got litrally dragged off the bus at a wime and we ate ice cream. And then subway was right across the road so OBVIOUSLY  we had no choice but to get one.
Then we were walking and thinking where we should go so we went into the nearest wetherspoons which happened to be Christopher’s Creeke. Which Nat decided to refer to as Christopher’s crack for the rest of the night.

So we getting to the pub and the alcohol sort of wearing off by this point and we go up to the bar and order to pitchers of cocktail drinks. She somehow miraculously does not get id’d where as I get served next and of course “do you have any ID on you?”.
So apparently I look younger than someone that refer to themselves as looking like they’re 15.

Then 3 cocktail pitchers, Nat hugging a random foreigner, a judgmental game of “would you?” and calling everyone in the bar Carl.. THEN a man in a Pink Panther onesie…. and accidentally implying that an attractive but not entirely elderly man is a peadophile… before ordering it a final serving of chips asking the waiter for elephants sauce. which by the way does not exist. and then apologetically hugging him It was about time to go home….

So that was my Saturday.


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