Life Problems


I have twenty intestinal till I need to go downstairs.
I’m tired.
Realllllyyy tired. I’m sure I’ll perk up by the end of the day but still..
I spent such a lot of effort on my face today and I look like a dick. It always looks better when I just slap crap on my face and hope for the best rather than really trying.
#ithinkihaveacold .. bring on the sniffles.

Anyway what I missed out yesterday is that Carl is back. The girl non shop floor told me it’s for good now. But that was definitely not 6 weeks away.
I was starting to like not having him around to enthuse about.

Not sure what I’m going to do.
But for all intended purposes I have given up.
I’m just not going to try anymore.
At much of anything I think.

But you know me.
Doom and gloom one day
Happiness and sunshine the next..
I have texts to reply to so I will be back… sometime.


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