Friend Problems

Terrible decisions

I went to the pub.
It’s Friday after all.
I felt okay and then I walked though the door and… nothing.
They all ignored me. The only person that even bothered to say Hi was Alex.
So I sat at the end of the table. In silence with my double captain jack and Pepsi.

They had all been there a while. They probably had dinner there as they all had dessert infront of them.

So I guess I wasn’t invited.
I shouldn’t have gone.
I feel like total shit.

The most conversation I got was for about an hour when Bryony got out of work and Alex came and sat next to us.
Litrally the only two people to talk to me all night.
Katies boyfriend occasionally spoke to me but it was litrally just “you playing?”

I don’t know what I’ve done that’s so horrible?
Maybe it’s just because it always ends like this.
I start out everyone’s favourite person  and then they all just decide I’m not good enough for anything.
Over and over again.
I try so hard to make everyone happy but the second I show any sign of unhappiness I’m ignored and left to wallow alone in the corner.

If Bryony hadn’t of been there I would have left by 8:20. There was litrally no point in me being there.

I’ve had so much more then enough of this.
I don’t really know what’s happening but it’s shit.


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