Reflection Of Events

So I have some sit down time before I head off downstairs to work.
I’m not sure I’ll get very far but that’s what ‘save as draft’ is for.

So.. easter weekend.
Plans. All the plans.
I went out with Nat and two of her friends.
But I had work the same day so I thought I’d come in. Go home and then have a nap and come back.
It didn’t work out like that as I was asked to stay a while..
“UH JAE…can you come back later?…”
“Uh… I guess so…”
” I need help with the delivery so you can go and do whatever, take however long… just please come back”

Have to admit that made me a little bit happy.
So I went to lunch/coffee had a mild panic attack about having to do something I have no clue about. Which didn’t actually matter in the end because the store was so busy that I ended up helping on the tills till it died down and got quiet at about 2:30.

Which left me just enough time to go home and get ready for an hour before catching the bus back into work and waiting for Nat.

I should mention at this point that i’d had a total of about three hours sleep that night so I was pretty much hyper because of the level of sleep deprivation.

Then off we went (or so I thought) from work to get some food and then! (Dramatic music) being faced with some scary men that just stared at us and spoke in a foreign language to each other we decided not to eat our food in the takeaway. So Nat suggested we go back into work to eat.

I said it was weird. Please vote on this because it’s totally odd and you know it.
So I was pretty much determined to talk her out of it and then I just kind of followed her as she went back in as it was raining and stuff then the door shut and it was too late to turn back.

So we went upstairs and we got into the staff room… door open still as Carl opened the door to the office ” :|… uh…”
As it turned out it wasn’t a problem really but I was so worried I was going to get covered in food or be mid bite of my burger and he would stroll in like a supreme bringer of embarrassment. . Turns out Nat and I probably bring it on our selves.
We were talking and I MAY have implied she was a bus. Because her ex looks very like a terrorist. And you know terrorists get on busses.

well she asked him if she looked like a bus and then I felt it necessary to explain and Carl asked why or how we had got to that point in the conversation and I just kind of blert ed out that Her dad had said she was easy. Meaning to win an argument with but obviously it sounded bad that way.

But to be fair she embarrassed me too.
“Jae was all ‘ no no no we can’t do that’
To which Carl goes ” Yeah that sounds like Jae”
HOW WOULD HE KNOW WHAT SOUNDS LIKE ME. I’m so confused as to how he thinks he knows me well enough to see that’s what I’m like..
Any way Nat blerted out “Why what have you tried to get her to do?!”
And I died a little inside. It obviously threw Carl off too since all he could say was “that was quick.. I like how you’re the one that’s gone beetroot red when you were insulting us”

It was just so… it was a really odd start to the evening..


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