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Take me with you.

So yesterday was my last day of working with Carl.
I feel the same. In denial. He seemed sad but I don’t know if it’s because he hates being there or because he’s sad he’s going. I didn’t want to ask.

I got to work early. Like I usually do and there was lots of people upstairs.
Two girls on shop floor who where bitching about Carl. “I’m so glad he’s fucking leaving” and then the guy that cleans up in the morning told them they should trash his car.
One of the people I work with said “no don’t do that.. there’s cameras pay someone else to do it”
I couldn’t believe what they were saying.
He’s not a total prick.
I know he can be insensitive and occasionally an ass but he’s the ‘boss’ so they should just do their fucking jobs and stop being such difficult assholes.

So that ruined part of my morning.
Well more than part, the people from shop floor marched off to complain and argue with him upstairs.
If i’d only had a single shift I wouldn’t have seen him at all.

He spent a fair amount of my second shift around the tills though.
I wanted to talk to him but I didn’t know what to say.
So this customer was talking to me about so weird shredder they found in their attic. The explination took forever. But Carl used the computer on till 2 to look at something. I couldn’t tell if he found it or not becuase he was just scrolling up and down this blue screen. But I thought it was odd that he was using that computer instead of number 5 that he usually uses.
Anyway .. the customer finally walked off and he turns around and looks at me weirdly so I just shrugged at him like “what I don’t even know”
And then he says “being a bit overly friendly aren’t you?”
So being me I just kinda sulked a little and said I was sorry..
I didn’t really want to stop talking though so I said
“I like shredders though. They look fun”
Carl – “What… shredders? Is that what you were talking about?”
Me – “yeah.. it’s fun destroying things..”
Then this guy with a beard walked past and Carl watches him while I watch Carl and look at his tie.
Me – “you could accidently put someones tie in them” and then I did a little motion of someone being pulled into a shredder..
Carl – “actually I was thinking that about that guys beard getting stuck in one”
Me – ” ha! That’d be funny.”
Carl – ” Not for him it wouldnt”
Me – ” well no.. but I’d be laughing so. .”
Carl – “hmm..”
And then he wondered off back to the help desk.

And this is something I’m not sure if I imagined or misheard or misunderstood as something that I thought was happening.
But I started taping my nails on the desk. The way you do when you’re bored and can’t really hear any music.
And it sounded like he was tapping the desk back. Like I tapped and then he started doing it. It seemed like the same tune. It was funny to me. But I couldn’t see him over the stand between us and I didn’t want to stand to look.. so I just carried on and giggled to myself.

Then he left to go do whatever it was he had to do and at 4:45 he came down in his jacket and was leaving.
“You working on Saturday? ”
Me – ” nuh uh..”
Carl – ” oh.. well Bye then :D”

Yeah.. Bye then.
That’s all I was going to get.
And he started to walk off

Me -“actually… I’m bringing you a cake”
Carl – “on you’re day off?..”
Me – ” yeah..”
Carl – ” What kind of cake?”
Me – ” uh.. a surprise cake… probably store bought”
Carl – ” thats worrying.. are you going to make it out of roofies?”
Me – ” what…”
Carl – “you know so everyone falls asleep and then I’ll be asleep… well… ‘ASLEEP’.. upstairs alone”

And I don’t why the suggestion made me so happy but it did. And I just stood there grinning and agreeing. Yup.

It was a weirdly normal day.
He needs to stay. It’s unfair that he’s leaving. I just want to stay in bed and be sad and alone forever.


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