Life Problems

Crazy weekend at Greencloaks.

Hey guys.
So I went L.A.R.P ing!!!
It was so amazingly fun. I have never wanted to run so much in my life.
I think it’s genuinely the first time I’ve been willing to try so hard at being active.
With that being said I only made it through half of the weekend actually participating.
It was so so tiring. Friday was wet and cold and I slept hardly at all. Shivering through the whole night.
But! The actual game was so so so so fun. I’m glad I picked the character that I did for my expenseable. She is basically a fucking tank. 5 hits per limb. Head and body included. Without any armour.
She survived but probably only because I couldn’t go on with the second half of the battle. It was really physically draining. Running walking standing for HOURS.
Friday night game in was 7pm-12am
That was mostly introductions and base seges.
Saturday was 10 am – 12 ish Monster ing. 
Which was. A.MAZ.ING.
it was so fun being a mindless zombie and dying so so much.
Then 1pm – 12am time in Saturday.. with a MASSIVE MASACAR. At about three.
So I basically lasted till about 4pm Saturday before my arms, legs and everything in general stopped working.
I missed out on roughly half the fun.
I was still amazing though.
I slept in my friends car Saturday night though I really couldnt deal with the cold.

I can’t wait for the next event. I might get some Plot time too as I’m planning a pretty cool character change when I get all my gear.


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