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Eternal Struggles Of The Corrupted Mind


Hey WordPress. 
Gentle veiwers/ Sir’s and Miss’s/ Forever Fans/ Fellow Corrupted Minds.

I know.
I haven’t been around again.
Everything’s been pretty okay. But
I’m just so tired. So much work. And play. And so much time at home playing Final Fantasy. Watching Merlin.

BTW – what was with that bull shit of an ending. I want the rest of the story. Once and future king. “He shall rise again”
When mother fucker.  When?.

But yeah other than that I haven’t really been doing much.
I tried to do ‘exercise’ with Katie.  Go for a walk. We got to the end of my street and then turned around. Basically it was bull.
I hate aimlessly walking.
It is a sure fire way to get me annoyed.
This is why my suggestion was to walk to the park at night (when it’s cool. I hate the sunshine. I’m allergic and it’s been hot as shit the last three days), spend an hour there and then walk back. But Katie didn’t want to. (There’s free to use exercise machines at the park so I figured she would sit and ramble).
But that didn’t happen.
So now she keeps asking if I want to go for a walk in the middle of the day. But I’ve either got work or I’ve just got home from it. It’s less fun at work now. It’s just so boring with no one to watch or talk to. Especially since I haven’t had any shifts with Nat.
I might actually be going insane.

I mostly just want to go to sleep.


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