Life Problems

Effortlessly Effortsome

Hey kids.
Sit down at your play table and I’ll tell you all the horrifying things about adult hood.

Nah I’m just kidding.
I’m so so tired. I almost didn’t get out of bed again. (I did the same yesterday). Leaving myself 20 minutes to get up, brush my teeth, change, put on slapper face feed and water the dog. Let her out. And of course have breakfast.. which I did not do. Let’s be honest I got up, changed, put on eye shadow. Let the dog out. Gave her water and put my shoes on before I had to let her back in and run for the buss stop.
I need to sleep for a day. Or two… or a month. You know… which ever.

I have a 6 hour shift again today and to be honest I’d rather curl up in my bed and be for all intents and purposes dead.. except not Dead Dead. Just asleep and left alone.

Also. I bought a £25 frying pan. So my mother old throw away our gross one that’s burnt black and in general gross looking.
What did she do?
She stuck the brand new one in the cupboard UNDERNEATH every other pan you could imagine and the old one still stands on the hob making us look even more white trash than we already seem.


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