Life Problems


I’m done.
I’m so tired.
I can’t sleep.
And everyone in the world seems to be an asshole.

Long story short the neighbours have taken down (illegally and without our permission) what was left of our fence. And built a new one onto what is clearly our property. So I have the great fun of having to avoid my mother twice as much because she’s out for blood penance.

Im entirely alone. Not that I would mind except that the lack of friends all of a sudden means I have ample time to think. And now it’s just like there is a year’s worth of brain fuckery happening inside my head.

I wanted to sleep.
Is that so much to ask for?
I didn’t invite these daemons back inside my head.
I can not express how little it feels like I have.
I have almost nothing all over again.
What would it really matter if I just left?
To just go somewhere far away.

I want to cancel my birthday.
I don’t want any of it.


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