Life Problems

6 Minutes And a Whole Lot Of Foil

6 Minutes till my birthday.
I’m so so so tired.
But I just can’t sleep.

And I had the best idea ever about how to make my horns for Larp.
Basically form a base with a belt and some garden wire. Then mount the foil and newspaper filling part onto the wire then twist and turn and secure into place, twist a thin black elastic over the back of the horns. HOT GLUE GUN THE. ENTIRE. THING. and then make mini glue decorations. Glue on glue decorations. And spray paint!
I am a genius.
If I had the gigs I needed I would do it RIGHT NOW. BUT. I have none of the things that I need and thus I will have to wait about ten years/a week to start making it. It . Will. Be. Epic.



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