England After

Just a few thoughts from a 24 year old English, girl with extrem anxiety and depression.


This entire referendum thing is ripping the UK apart.
I think I have seen and heard more racism, threats of violence and complete and utter stupidity in the last two days than I have ever seen or hear in my life!
What ever happened to “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it”

I’m fairly sure 40% of the population didn’t even know what the EU was when they went into voting and a further 20% voted based on utter shit they made up in their own head.

I did not vote. But this is my blog and all I want to convey here is that I am actually genuinely worried about my future.
Ive always said “I  don’t care what happens as long as there’s not a bomb about to drop over my head”
And it feels a lot like the England riots are about to break out all over again except this time it will be houses broken into and people hurt for doing nothing wrong.
I wouldn’t be to suprised if we get invaded and taken over entirely in the next ew years to come.
Everyone has made a huge mistake. A mistake they have made because of lies, idiocy and complete denial of the fact that the world has changed for the better since the 1900’s.

Wake up Britain.
You have fucked us all.


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