Friend Problems · Life Problems

Falling Apart Yet Stuck Together


You know the drill. Tuck your feet under your chair. Turn on the high blast air conditioning and cuddle a fluffy pillow while I tear your soul.

I kid. 

This isn’t all that bad for once.  
I’ve been doing so much lately. I really want to sleep. I want to sleep and I want to catch pokemon and I want to make armour and I want to play heads up with my friends… 

I want to do everything but I can’t and I’m just really burnt out.

It’s so hot. My window is wide open and I’m sweating. But I can’t sleep because my brain is all…awake.

Maybe it’s because I’m feeling blah. 

You know how when your with a specific one or two people and everything just goes really fine? Smooth and not at all awful. Like everything that could ever go wrong never does or even if it did it would be fine? 

And then you go home and All the bad catches up with you and all the other people that you know become 10000x more annoying or 10000x more of the jerk they usually are? 

It’s a seesaw of unfortunate luck.
On the plus side I’ve made the first templates for my new Greencloaks larp character. So at leat I’m doing something productive.


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