Life Problems

It’s too hot.

I don’t care what you people say.

“It’s not even that warm” 

I’m over heating. I’m constantly sweating and my window is constantly open. 

The best I get is a light breeze in the dead of the night. And even then it’s not good enough to cool me to sleep. 

I wish it was colder. Not winter.. but I hate that it’s so humid and tropical. 

I’m a cold blooded sea lizard and I need ice and refrigeration to keep me sane. 

If I could sleep without my covers i’d be perfect but I can’t.  

And again tonight I can’t sleep at all. Guess that means the insomnia is back.which explains why I’ve felt so disjointed recently. Not with people, just in general. I’ll be walking down the street or turning up at work and it just feels like I’m not really there. As if I’m floating away some place or as if I’m sleeping. 

Here’s hoping tomorrow is overly clouded.


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