Life Problems

Extra Strong Saliva! Extra Weak Glands

So I am the elephant man 

Blocked saliva gland for the win. no human should make saliva that is so thick you could use it as rope to hang yourself with. 

I need more pain killers. All that was recommend was paracetamol but I hate it. It basically  does nothing.

I have considered -mildly without an ounce of intent – because of the rediculous pain ..cutting open my chin just so I can pull this shit out my face.

It hurts to talk and move. it hurts to drink anD swallow.

And it doesn’t help that the first day of this shit. Every time I fell asleep I dreamt about work. Standing at a till and packing people’s things into bags. While knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I was at home in bed. 

I just want to sleep. For the ouch to go away. 

I’ve tried swirling vinegar to over drive the gland into making saliva. It worked pretty good but there was only a little mucusy stuff that came out. 

I need to go to bed now

Wish me luck in finding a comfortable position to sleep in.

It ain’t happening.

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