Life Problems

Toothache and Exactoblades

Hey kids.

Don’t try this at home. 

So I had a blocked saliva gland last week and my antibiotics ran out about 4 days ago. 

My tooth started hurting again. And this evening it was the worst pain ever. I spent a while crying in the toilet clutching at my face.

So after a while I was pretty numb in all ways and I just went to watch my mum play a game. I steed by the door. Didn’t say anything. Then eventually  she noticed I was standing there. “You don’t look very well” 

I didnt really want to talk so i thought “Just hurts” would make her leave me alone. 

And 5 seconds later I was being yelled at “CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW ” 

“I didn’t ask you to” 


Basically oh look she’s in serious pain. Better make her feel like shit and even worse about her life in general.  Let’s kick her while she’s already down. And while I’m at it I’ll just make her feel bad about hypothetical senarios in which I have to miss work to drive her to an emergency dentist and obviously get fired.

I hate her. 

To give you some more idea of the level of pain for the ulcerforming on the side of my face at the time. I had already attempted to claw it open with my nails. To no avail just drawing a drop or two of blood. 

After being made to feel like shit I retreated to my room where I proceeded to bawl my eyes out half in the most intense pain and half because what is the point in even being alive. 

That’s when I decided to look in my mouth. A lump the size of a large pea was sticking out from my gum. It was at this point I could genral ly take none of the pain anymore and remembering my trusty scalpel/exacto blade I cut the thinnest looking peice of purple flesh and boom 

Puss …glorious puss. 

It didn’t go down all the way. It’s still like half full. But it doesn’t hurt as much now. That’s not to say it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s still horribly painful but. I don’t feel it necessary to claw at my gums any more. 


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