Life Problems

My Better Self

It’s late. I can’t sleep. I have work in 6 hours and I have to have my stuff for my weekend away ready by then for my friend to pick up while I’m at work. 

But I’m doing none of it. 

I just keep thinking and I’m so tired.

Why am I so bad at being me? I change my hair and I feel better but as it turns out I always end up on my own and drowning. 

Until the next change. 

I’m not there yet. But I’m already contemplating changing. I’m limited for the moment. It’s harder when you can’t be as colourful as you want… I might strip the colour out my hair.. hope for the best and pray it doesn’t fall out.. 

No no. No change. 

I need to have a bath.. I need to finish my kit.. I need to sleep.. I need to save money… I need to go to work.. I need to do more on my own. 

But lately I’m just too tired to do anything I’ve been meaning to do. I’m either at work or I’m out trying to see all my friends

And to continue my none sense rant I am [__] this close to murdering my family. They are SO annoying. 

My brother is constantly telling me things I litrally do not need to know or askin me the mother stupid questions or some one suguests something to him anD he has to do it right now even though said person tells them they areally busy. My mum repeats things over and over as if it amazing or rediculous. 

It’s such a constant fucking drone. The only time its even remotely tolerable is when everyone is fucking asleep.


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