Friend Problems · Life Problems


So… I feel crap. In all aspects. 

But I don’t really want to blog about these things since I know my friend will read them and I genrally don’t like the idea, of any of my friends really, being subject to the details of my suffering. Which is what this blog was originally about. When everything broke down and I had no way of telling anyone because at the time there was no one that wanted to listen. 

Now there is, but I’d rather they didn’t.  

I’m somewhat stuck between a rock and a flooding cave at this point. 

I want to blog about the horrific shoulder pain and general lack of enthusiasm that I’ve had the last week or so. That I can’t sleep no matter which way I turn or curl or lay because everything makes it hurt more. That I want to sleep, hate all but four people and just generally wish I didn’t have to do things. 

But I don’t want to blog about these Because I’m fine and I don’t want them talked about. Or mentioned. 



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